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Home sweet home!

Nov. 4, 2013|661 views
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After over a week of traveling around the country, I am finally home. It feels so nice to rest on a mattress without bed bugs, I am saying this because there is evidence that suggests that bed bugs are more prevalent in hotel rooms than we imagine but I try not to think about that when I am on the road since I have no choice than to sleep there...

Besides my bed one of the things that I miss the most while traveling is my home made healthy meals. Let’s face it, to find healthy meals while on the road is not impossible but isn’t easy, in order to eat healthy meals I really have to put some effort to find them.

I have talked many times about the importance to limit your red meat consumption. Not that I want to dramatize the consequences but there is a new study that suggest that eating processed or red meat foods like pepperoni, hot dogs, salami and bologna, not to mention the good old hamburgers, is sort of a loaded gun that could be like playing Russian roulette.

According to information presented recently at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics, one in three people have a genetic variant that puts them at greater risk of developing cancer when consuming red meat products.

Let me explain, scientist have found that 33% of the population has that genetic variant on chromosome 10.  If you’re one of them, eating processed meat is a high-risk activity because this variant makes you especially susceptible to colon cancer. Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death among both men and women, so this is something to take very seriously.


In a press release, University of Southern California scientist, Jane Figueiredo, Ph.D., emphasized the point. “We are not saying that if you don't have the genetic should eat all the red meat you'd like...People with the...variant...have an even higher increased risk of colorectal cancer if they consume high levels of processed meat.” Even if you’re lucky enough to NOT have the high-risk genetic variant, “...the baseline risk associated with meat is already pretty bad,” she added. To arrive at this unsettling conclusion, researchers examined in excess of 2.7 million genetic sequences from more than 18,000 colorectal cancer patients and healthy control subjects.

So how can I prevent colon cancer you may wonder? I know this is depressing but there was good news, also. Another statistically significant diet/gene interaction was discovered on chromosome 8. People with this genetic variant enjoy enhanced protection against colon cancer when they eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. So there you have it; still more evidence that a Mediterranean like diet featuring fruits and vegetables is a prescription for long life and good health. So make sure you give your body the antioxidant power from fresh fruits and vegetables if you want to enjoy the occasional pepperoni pizza.

Do you eat the recommended 10+ servings of fruits and veggies every day? What kinds of strategies do you rely on to get everyone at home to love their veggies? I have some secrets that I want to share with you, leave me your comments I will reply with my easy tips.

University of Southern California (2013, October 24). Gene variant that raises risk for colorectal cancer from eating processed meat present in one-in-three people. ScienceDaily. Retrieved October 26, 2013, from­ /releases/2013/10/131024102150.htm

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