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Love Your Body? Love Your Partner

Dec. 12, 2013|656 views
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Many women struggle with body image issues. I’m sure we’ve all been there. It doesn’t help that the media are complicit in portraying standards of beauty that are literally impossible for real-world women to achieve. Even before imaging software made photo-retouching easy for virtually anyone to do, magazines used airbrushing and other techniques to present impossibly perfect versions of women.

When was the last time you saw a pimple on the face of a cover model? Or dark circles under a starlet’s eyes? Or laugh lines on her face? The point is that our society puts massive pressure on girls and women to strive for near-impossible ideals of physical beauty. No wonder body image issues are so common. Even size 2’s occasionally worry that they weigh too much.

I’ve always said that it’s okay to strive to be better, but it’s also important to be REAL not IDEAL. In other words, sometimes it’s important to embrace your imperfections and love yourself for who you are, not some idealized version of who others think you should be.

Loving yourself is true empowerment. And, as it turns out, loving another person helps women love and accept their bodies, too. That’s the conclusion of a recent study that looked at women’s perceptions of their body weight. The bottom line was this: Women who were in a satisfying relationship reported feeling more self confident, less self-conscious, and had better self-esteem than women who were not in a loving relationship. And they were happier with their body weight. Being happy in a romantic relationship seems to spill over into other areas of a woman’s life.   


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