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Berry Bliss To Lower Your Cancer Risk!

Jan. 21, 2014|555 views


Berry Bliss To Lower Your Cancer Risk!

As you all know I was recently visiting beautiful Puerto Rico. One of the benefits of the weather there is the amazing amount of fresh tropical fruits all year long. Back in Minnesota we are fortunate enough to import fruits to get us by in the cold winter months… one of our favorite desserts is frozen banana “ice cream” topped with berries!

Do you eat fresh berries? Tart raspberries, succulent strawberries, shiny blackberries, pucker-some cranberries? Once upon a time, they were a special treat reserved for spring and summer. What child hasn’t delighted in picking wild blackberries in late summer? The glossy black fruits, ripe for the picking, offer up sweet sticky juice that stains the fingers and bursts with flavor.

These days, all sorts of deeply colored berries are available year-round. In winter, they’re imported from places like Chile. And they’re grown right here in the United States in the warmer months. If you eat berries, you’ve been consuming a natural plant chemical called ellagic acid. You may have known that berries are a sweet, tart, and healthful natural snack. But did you know that eating berries is like popping anti-cancer pills?

Berries are rich in ellagic acid. It’s one of the antioxidant chemicals that gives berries their tangy flavor. It’s also a powerful cancer-fighting chemical that can stop tumors in their tracks. In fact, recent research suggests ellagic acid is so good at convincing cancerous cells to commit suicide that scientists are looking for ways to turn ellagic acid into pharmaceuticals to be used for cancer treatment.
But why wait for an expensive prescription drug? Eating fresh berries is a little like eating cancer-preventing pills. Other foods that are rich in ellagic acid include pomegranates, cranberries, pecans, and walnuts. What is your favorite fresh fruit??

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