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Europe Dominates in Access to HEALTHY Food

Jan. 22, 2014|552 views


Another reason why I encourage buying organic produce/meat as much as possible! When I was in the mist of writing my book, True Nutrition, I learned a lot about the american agriculture and the fact that the way to feed the world is to use new wonders of technology and expanding the abundance of pesticides. Our food is among the cheapest in the world. But we’re not number one. We’re not even in the top 20. According to rankings released recently by Oxfam, people’s access to healthy, nutritious and diverse food is less than stellar in the United States. Oxfam is an anti-poverty nonprofit organization based in Oxford, England. In its recent rankings, the United States tied with Japan for the 21st spot out of 125 countries. Oxfam’s recently released rankings are based on families’ access to nutritious vegetables, fruits and other types of produce, plus protein sources and clean water.

We have an abundance of food in the U.S that’s widely available and relatively inexpensive. And we’re among the wealthiest of all nations. But the ranking also considered how diet affects health. And that’s what drove our score down. Despite plenty of food for all, and access to a broad range of healthful, fresh foods and safe drinking water, an enormous portion of our population is overweight or obese, and type 2 diabetes is rampant. On that score the United States earned an embarrassing 120th out of 125 countries. Only countries in sub-Saharan Africa fared worse and their scores reflected not over-abundance, but malnutrition, famine, and very expensive food.
The Netherlands took the top spot on the Oxfam list. France and Switzerland tied for second place. Western European countries rounded out most of the rest of the top ten, with Australia tying with countries like Ireland and Portugal for eighth place.

I hate to say it, but with all our advantages, it seems as if we could do better. Good nutrition ensures good health, so it’s in our best interest to start taking advantage of our diverse, healthful produce. Let’s try to make it into the top ten next year!

What are your thoughts on the most important foods to buy organic?


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