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Feeling Stressed?

Feb. 17, 2014|779 views
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The Mayo Clinic near my home here in Minnesota, is a world-renowned center of medical care, research and education. Part of their mission to educate includes providing advice to the public on health issues. To that end, they've published a guide to stress relief that's dubbed, "The four A's."

A Is For Acceptance

I don't know who in your family is the big stressed one. In mine, it's certainly not me. My husband manages to stress himself out enough for both of us, so I just chill.

My theory is that some things are outside of our control and there is really very little you can accomplish by getting stressed, so acceptance is key. Although some situations may cause stress in you life, you can minimize the effects of that stress by choosing to accept and move on. Try talking it over with a friend or loved one. Sometimes, like draining a wound, it helps to air your concerns and frustrations, so that healing may begin.

Forgiveness is another step towards acceptance. It's so much healthier to forgive than to harbor anger. Anger is like a smoldering ember that eats away from the inside out. Love yourself enough to recognize that anger usually does more damage to the person holding it than the one it's directed towards, the reality is that in most cases the person you are upset with doesn't even know so there's my point. Let it go.

Use positive self-talk to change the way you think. If you an I met, you would know how much I use this technique. Negative thoughts and self-talk can snowball, magnifying a problem and coloring your outlook, making it more likely that you will view yourself and others through the negative filter you've installed in your mind. Remember forgiveness--of others and yourself--and focus on the positive to bring positivity back in to your life.

Finally, acceptance is advanced by learning from your mistakes. Instead of viewing mistakes or setbacks as failures, view them through a more posititive lens: allow them to be opportunities for learning and improvement. It's hard to grow and learn what works without making a few mistakes along the way so that you know what doesn't work. That's okay. We all make mistakes. But only winners turn them into success by learning from them. And you're a winner.

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