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The Four “A’s:” Alter Your Situation to Reduce Stress

Feb. 20, 2014|614 views
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First, enlist another “A:” Assess. Take stock of your situation and determine what things, people or situations are causing the most stress in your life. Now you’re armed with the knowledge you need to Alter your situation.

Work with other people in your life to improve things. You may need to be willing to change your own behavior, and it may be helpful to ask others to do the same. Approach people respectfully and ask if they can make small changes that will likely have a big impact on your happiness.

It’s important to talk openly and directly about your feelings, thoughts, and concerns. Often, people who are involved in causing you stress don’t realize there’s a problem until you spell it out for them. If you resent being expected to do all the housework, for example, discuss the situation with your partner. Perhaps there’s a task he could take over, or a duty that can be swapped, to make things more fair. No one wants to feel as if they’re being taken for granted.

Increase your efficiency by scheduling your time better. Make a schedule and stick to it. Plan trips and errands to coincide so that you don’t waste time making multiple trips. Insist on setting limits. If your time is limited, communicate to others who might take up too much of it that you need to stick to your schedule in order to stay on top of your responsibilities.  


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