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Man Say ‘No Thanks’ to the Pain of Delivery

Dec. 23, 2014|736 views
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Having recently given birth again, I thought I’d share this lighthearted tidbit of news about the trials of pregnancy and delivery. And the toughness of mothers.

Men at a hospital in China recently had the opportunity to experience a small glimpse of what their wives must endure while giving birth. The men volunteered to be hooked up to a “labor pain simulator,” which evidently uses electric shocks to induce painful muscular contractions in the abdomen. The idea was to enable the men—most of whom had pregnant partners—to experience some of what their wives were about to go through. It was expected that the brief simulation of labor pain might provide some valuable insights for men into this uniquely female experience. It was also hoped they would gain a little more empathy for all that their partners must endure during pregnancy and delivery.

One prospective dad—whose wife reportedly told him in no uncertain terms that she expected him to sign up for the experience, after he’d suggested that she was complaining too much during her pregnancy—quickly gained new respect for his wife’s suffering. After just a few minutes of simulated labor pains, he cried “uncle”. He’d had more than enough, thank you very much. Needless to say, most pregnant women never get the option to opt out of the experience as soon as the pain begins. Nevertheless, the intrepid husbands clearly gained new respect for their spouses’ fortitude in the face of an experience that can certainly be uncomfortable at best, and intensely long and painful, at worst.

According to an account of the quirky experiment, published in the British newspaper, The Guardian, the men sheepishly acknowledged that they were wimps when it came to such pain. Most humbly acknowledged that they’d gained new respect for their wives. And hoped never to experience it again. And they say women are the weaker sex!

Do you think your husband or boyfriend would volunteer for such an experience if the opportunity arose? Would you want him to? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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