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First Class Gone Wrong

Oct. 25, 2013|1774 views
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First class gone wrong

Today before 5 am, I left Minneapolis, MN (36 degrees …BBRRR)on an empty stomach to catch an early flight to sunny Scottsdale, AZ for a long weekend coaching workshop.

Until about 30 minutes ago I was very excited..., happy girl I would say. Well I have a couple of reasons, first I am going to enjoy an extra shot of vitamin D in warm Arizona, even if I only have small breaks, second I got upgraded to business class! Yes! Finally an upgrade; it was about time the sharing falls my way.

Business class... I like the sound of it.... Nice roomy sits, no elbow fights with my neighbors, warm breakfast, and a highly needed, almost always empty lavatory. A few minutes after takeoff I started to explore my new surroundings, I know crazy Cocó but hey it's exciting to go into a first class lavatory I thought.

To my surprise, the first class wasn't too nice, the mini sink was sealed with duck tape and next to the soap dispenser there was a small jar of hand sanitizer... Oooohhh, something was off, I thought. I should make sure things are in working order, and I am glad I did, no running water … way to go US airways, let's promote human constipation!

Back at my cozy seat, a nice flight attendant approached me with a basket of packaged snacks. I inquired about "breakfast" which she nicely explained US Airways doesn't have warm breakfasts but that I could have as many snacks as I pleased. I started looking at the options to see if there was a somewhat healthy option.

The choices were pretzels, cookies, candy popcorn, chips, chocolates chips and more chocolates. "Do you have anything with some protein?" I asked her "This is all we have but I can make you a drink if you'd like" she said. "Yeah right, start the day with a shoot of vodka and a bag of chips, that's True Nutrition" I thought.

I ended up purchasing, (yeah purchasing in first class) their $6.29 CaféPlus it contains Garlic Humus in a tube, Pita chips, Olives and almonds and settling for a cup of water.

The olives were pretty tasty, all 6 of them.  I sucked down the tube of garlic humus enjoying every one of its 63 calories and I had to pass on everything else because it was loaded with sugar, even the almonds were glazed.

So after my not so exciting first class experience, here is the tip of the day. The grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence but once we cross the fence perhaps we realize that our grass wasn't so bad after all. Enjoy every moment of your life,  focus on the good that you currently have, not what it would be like to be like others or live like others, the reality is that their toilets may not even flush ...

What are some your flight adventures? Have you ever been downgraded to first class, oops I meant upgraded to then realize the beauty of elbow rubbing?

Share your comments; I would love to hear from you!

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