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Type 2 diabetes is epidemic, but you needn’t be a victim

Jan. 29, 2013|304 views
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If you are
one of the millions of Americans with pre-diabetes, or full-blown type 2
diabetes, you may believe you have been afflicted by a cruel and inevitable
condition. You may have been told that you’ll need to take drugs in escalating
doses to control your condition. You may believe there’s no way out and your
steady decline due to this chronic disease is unavoidable: You’re another
victim of diabetes in modern America.


Diabetes is
cruel, but it’s
not unavoidable. Reject the notion
of victimhood. You are only a victim if you believe you are. Diabetes is
entirely preventable, ditto heart disease, with very few exceptions. These and
other rampant conditions—obesity, hypertension, kidney disease, the metabolic
syndrome—are all preventable.

It all begins
with a healthy diet and the desire to take control of your life. It’s up to you
to decide. You can decide to eat more healthfully and banish sugar from your
diet. You can decide to become more active. The little decisions you make every
day can add up to big changes.

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