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How Sweet It Isn’t

Jan. 31, 2013|664 views
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How Sweet It Isn’t


In my last
post, I talked about how deeply ingrained sugar is in our culture. Childhood in
America is all but defined by sugar. Candy, cookies, cakes, soft drinks—what
birthday or celebration would be complete without them? Life is sweet.
Especially in America, where consumption of sugar has increased dramatically in
the past few decades.

But are we
really rewarding our children—and ourselves—with all this sugar? Or are we
deluding ourselves? Consider this statement, published in the highly respected
medical journal,
, more than a
decade ago. “
The prevalence of obesity among children in USA increased by
100% between 1980 and 1994.” That’s not a very sweet statistic. And how about
this: “According to data from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), per
capita soft-drink consumption has increased by almost 500% over the past 50
years.” Do you detect a possible connection? I think you’d have to be blind not

information was published in 2001 by researchers at Harvard School of Public
Health. But don’t imagine that things have gotten better in the past dozen
years. They haven’t. These alarming trends have not abated. They’ve continued.

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