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Forget about Extreme Dieting

Feb. 4, 2013|602 views
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Ladies, today I’m going to address a subject near and dear to the hearts of most
American women. Let’s talk dieting. If you’re like most American women, you’re
no stranger to dieting. High fat, low fat, high protein, low carb, grapefruit, name it. Plenty of men and women have tried at least one fad diet. With
little or no success.


The truth is, fad diets seldom make sense. And that’s why they usually don’t work in the
long term. Your body needs reasonable amounts of food from all the food groups.
A diet that encourages splurging on one or two types of food, such as red meat
and fat, for example, while restricting carbs to nearly zero, is simply not
realistic. It is also impractical. You may be able to follow it briefly, but
certainly not indefinitely.


By the same token, diets that require you to fast for days, or to limit your calorie intake
to just 500 calories a day, are also unreasonable. And they’re not particularly
healthy. I do
not recommend them. While you may
lose some weight on these extreme types of diets, research suggests that you
probably won’t be able to keep the weight off. In fact, one study concluded
that up to half of people who follow these types of diets will ultimately end
up gaining even
more weight. At the very least, most
people will regain any weight lost as soon as they go back to eating normally.


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