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3 easy ways to lower the risk of colon cancer!

Nov. 27, 2015|1327 views
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According to new research from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, drinking caffeinated coffee daily may be wise if you’ve been diagnosed and treated for colon cancer. Specifically, according to a recent article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, daily consumption of caffeinated coffee was associated with significant reductions in recurrence and death among patients diagnosed with stage III colon cancer.

Stage III colon cancer means in addition to a cancerous tumor in the colon, cancer cells have also turned up in lymph nodes adjacent to the area, with no additional metastasis found. Coffee evidently helps thwart colon cancer’s return, and the effect is linear, meaning the more coffee patients drank, the stronger the benefit they experienced.

Subjects had received surgery and chemotherapy to treat their disease. Those who drank four or more cups of coffee daily were 42 percent less likely to experience a return of their cancer, compared to subjects who did not drink the brew. They were also 33% less likely to die from cancer of any type, or from any other cause, for that matter, compared to non-drinkers.

For coffee aficionados, the news is likely to be as welcome as—well—that first cup of coffee in the morning. But non-drinkers might want to learn to love caffeinated coffee, too, if only for its significant health benefits. People who drank four or more cups daily enjoyed the most dramatic benefits, and drinking two to three cups daily was associated with more modest benefits. Drinking just one cup or less each day yielded little to no benefit.

Charles Fuchs, MD, MPH, is director of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center at Dana-Farber. In a press release, he noted: “We found that coffee drinkers had a lower risk of the cancer coming back and a significantly greater survival and chance of a cure.” Other recent research findings point to a benefit from drinking coffee in terms of reduced rates of other forms of cancer, such as post-menopausal breast cancer, melanoma, advanced prostate cancer, and live cancer.

3 tips to prevent colon cancer:

1) Don't smoke

2) Limit your intake of red meat, especially processed meat.

3) Get enough calcium and vitamin D

In this instance, at least, researchers think the benefit is entirely due to caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee simply didn’t have the same protective effect.

Brendan J. Guercio, Kaori Sato, Donna Niedzwiecki, Xing Ye, Leonard B. Saltz, Robert J. Mayer, Rex B. Mowat, Renaud Whittom, Alexander Hantel, Al Benson, Daniel Atienza, Michael Messino, Hedy Kindler, Alan Venook, Frank B. Hu, Shuji Ogino, Kana Wu, Walter C. Willett, Edward L. Giovannucci, Jeffrey A. Meyerhardt, and Charles S. Fuchs. Coffee Intake, Recurrence, and Mortality in Stage III Colon Cancer: Results From CALGB 89803 (Alliance). Journal of Clinical Oncology, August 2015 DOI: 10.1200/JCO.2015.61.5062