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Hidden Toxins

Feb. 7, 2013|658 views
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I’m about to give birth again, so I’ve been thinking even more than usual about the
many hidden dangers lurking in our modern environments. Infants and children
are especially vulnerable to toxins, for a variety of reasons. Their immune
systems are underdeveloped, and their nervous systems are still growing. And
because children are growing so rapidly, harmful substances can affect them
more profoundly than they might affect an adult.


Heavy metals are particularly dangerous for growing nervous systems. Of course, by
now we all know that lead is toxic. Thankfully, this dangerous heavy metal was
banned from use in everything from house paints to gasoline several decades
ago. In some places, though, the hazards still linger. Children living in old
houses with old, flaking paint are still at risk from paint dust and chips
laden with this nerve poison.  This is especially
true among children from low-income families, since they are more likely to be


Remarkably, contaminated soil continues to contribute to a “shockingly high” incidence of
lead poisoning in urban areas, according to a recent report by scientists at an
American Midwestern university. Symptoms of lead poisoning in children may
include hearing loss, delayed growth, clumsiness, and loss of newly acquired
skills, such as speech. In my new book, True
Nutrition - European Secrets for American Women, I explain this and other hidden dangers in detail,
and provide suggestions for minimizing your risks of exposure.

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