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5 tips to get a bikini body!

Jan. 22, 2016|1626 views
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Sweat may not seem sexy to most ladies, but it’s definitely good for you to workout to the point of sweating. If you’re working out without breaking a sweat, you’re probably not doing it hard enough to derive the maximum health benefit. Try to get enough daily exercise, both aerobic (such as swimming, running, walking, or anything else that raises your heart rate) and anaerobic (weight or strength training).    


Sex does a body good. It burns calories, reduces potentially harmful stress, and strengthens relationships. Think of sex as an investment in your own health and that of your relationship.

 Monitor Your Cholesterol and Other Numbers

 Resting heart rate, LDL and HDL-cholesterol levels, blood pressure readings, and fasting blood sugar levels should all be monitored on at least an annual basis by your physician and you. Aim for normal ranges, and strive to get your numbers even lower, if possible. High HDL levels are desirable; the rest should stay low. LDL-cholesterol, for example, should be 100 or lower for the lowest risk of heart disease. Your resting heart rate should ideally be under 70 beats per minute, and blood sugar, 10 hours after your last meal, should be 100 or lower. If not, you may be at risk for prediabetes, a condition that often precedes full-blown diabetes.

 Go Nuts

 If you haven’t already done so, consider adding nuts to your daily diet. Nuts are high in fiber, heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients. Research shows that snacking on nuts can be an excellent strategy to curb hunger, so your weight loss or maintenance goals are easier to attain. People who snack on nuts tend to consumer fewer calories on a daily basis.

 Get Your D

Vitamin D has always been crucial for health. But we’ve only recently begun to realize just how important. We’re also realizing that many Americans are walking around with chronically insufficient or deficient levels of this multi-functional hormone in circulation. About a century ago, we figured out that vitamin D is essential for good bone health. Too little can cause the bone-deforming disease, rickets.

 But now we know it also plays important roles in everything from mood regulation to immune system function. If brief sunbaths are out of the question, consider supplementing daily with vitamin D3. Two thousand IU should be sufficient, although you might want to check with your doctor to evaluate what’s best for you.


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