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5 Tricks Incredible Beauty Coconut Oil

Apr. 25, 2016|1777 views
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In many countries even the benefits and uses of this oil are unknown. Even in my beloved Spain is not very common. Laura and Javier few weeks, some of my friends from Barcelona, ​​I were visiting ago. 
Laura was surprised to see the big boat coconut oil that was in my kitchen, she did not see the other that I keep in the shower, but his expression of "Allah, tiny jar Coconut Oil" and he told me that this oil It not sold in Spain as in US As we talked I said that in Spain can only be achieved in health food stores or health food and the price is more than twice what we paid in the United States.
I did not know the many uses of coconut oil until less than a decade but since I presented it coconut oil and I are close friends, could not live without him, I'm so addicted to use when I travel I miss in a plastic bag they packed very well for me not stain anything, I put it in the freezer and when solid, I put it in the suitcase.
Coconut oil remains solid at temperatures up to 76 ° F (24 ° C) so that once frozen and kept in my suitcase rarely melts me. I guess the fact that part of the plane where the luggage is kept around 44 ° F (7 ° C) is maintained in most flights helps my precious coconut oil has never spotted me anything.
Coconut oil is gaining international fame due to the many properties he owns. Besides being useful for cooking (as it is one of the healthiest oils that exist), it has been used for centuries to maintain health and beauty.
Then it notes how easy it is to replace toxic products with this oil 
Cleansing / Facial Cleanser :
A drop of coconut oil is sufficient to achieve the effect. Rub a drop of coconut oil all over your face and neck, clean with a damp cloth and dry. This removes grease, dirt and other impurities that may be on the skin.
scrub : 
This mix can use both your body and your face. Mix coconut oil with baking soda or oatmeal (are better choice than sugar) with a pinch of cinnamon, spread the mixture all over your body gently and clean it with cold water, so the pores will close again.
Shaving cream:
Apply a thin layer of coconut oil on the part you want to shave, after shave as usual do. If you cut while performing the procedure, the lúrico acid acts as an antiseptic (kills germs), helping to prevent the acquisition of any germs or bacteria that are in the environment.
Insect repellent :
To achieve good results you have to mix coconut oil with other high quality oil (such as citronella oil). After applying it all over your body, the chances that a mosquito bites you, are very low.
deodorant :
Thanks to having antibacterial properties coconut oil, can be used as a deodorant. You just have to apply a little coconut oil in the armpits and this will help you not smell bad. You can also add a little baking soda, as some of its main properties are deodorize and disinfect. 
Toothpaste : 
By mixing baking soda with coconut oil make a perfect combination to keep your teeth clean and healthy, because the properties of these two substances are complementary. By sodium bicarbonate, thanks to their granules, clean teeth, while coconut oil has antibacterial action, which keeps your mouth protected from infections.


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