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3 tips to avoid a junk food binge!

May. 24, 2016|5663 views
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There’s some good news on the national nutrition front. More shoppers are making better, healthier choices than ever before. But there’s a down side to this brightening picture. According to a recent study, people who make these more healthful decisions in the grocery also indulge in foods that will never make anyone’s top ten list of healthy food choices. Junk food isn’t dead yet.


"There is a disconnect between what people say they want to eat and what they actually purchase," says study co-author Minakshi Trivedi, PhD, professor of marketing in the University at Buffalo School of Management. "Each group we studied made tradeoffs on healthy and unhealthy food to varying degrees.”


Shoppers may hedge a bit when answering surveys, but grocery scanners never lie. Researchers reviewed two years of scanner data collected from many different stores in a major U.S. chain and compared the actual data with reported data. Shoppers were organized into several groups, on the basis of their shopping habits and patterns. 


Shoppers in the health-driven group where less likely to make decisions based on cost alone. The moderate group was more sensitive to the price of food. These shoppers were more likely to balance between healthy and regular versions of products. About half chose healthier options. A third group of consumers made decisions driven primarily by cost concerns. They used discounts and preferred the regular versions of products, rather than their healthier alternatives.

 3 tips to avoid a junk food binge!

1) Drink lemon water every morning

2) Eat 2 servings a leafy green veggies daily

3) Sleep, 7-8 hours every night


As to how these findings might be used to further improve behaviors, co-author Trivedi said:  "If government agencies are to have any impact in promoting healthy consumption, they need to tailor their strategies to specific behavioral segments.”

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