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Organic Is Not Just for Produce: Consider Buying an Organic Mattress

Feb. 14, 2013|787 views
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The good news is that it’s now possible to buy all-organic bedding made of natural
materials. And these eco-friendly, health-friendly mattresses don’t rely on
questionable synthetic chemicals to ensure nonflammability. Rather, they use
naturally nonflammable wool, often enclosing an organic cotton and/or latex


Latex foam forms the inner core of most of toxin-free products. Latex is a natural
product derived from the sap of the Brazilian rubber tree. It’s promoted as
being naturally anti-microbial and mildew-proof and resistant to dust mites.
Organic cotton, grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and organic
wool, make up most of the rest of these mattresses. Both are fibers that
“breathe” and help sleepers remain cool. Wool naturally wicks away moisture.


Be wary when shopping, though. Many mattresses on the market,
which promote themselves as organic, are actually made of a blend of organic
soy and chemicals. I’d recommend sticking with organic latex, cotton, wool and
solid wood construction. Products made with particleboard are out:
Particleboard is made with synthetic glues and can be a source of formaldehyde
and other toxic chemicals.


When compared to conventional mattresses made with synthetic materials, many of
these organic products are relatively expensive. But less expensive choices are
out there. I’ll talk about some of those tomorrow.    

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