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How to Choose the Right Mattress

Feb. 15, 2013|776 views
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Before I get to recommendations, I’d like to emphasize that I have no financial interest in any of the companies
that I’m going to mention. They don’t pay me to be a spokesperson; these are
just my own opinion, based on my own research and experiences.


The best value in organic mattresses that I have found is available at Sam’s Club. They feature a
collection called American Sleep Organic Mattress and the American Sleep
Eco-Green Memory Mattress. The only down side is that some of these mattresses
can be rather firm, but you can solve that problem by adding an organic cotton
pillow top. In doing so, you’ll still be spending less money than you would on
most other organic mattresses on the market. The optional mattress foundation
is made of solid wood and box springs, with flammability protection provided by
tightly-wound wool and organic cotton.


Naturepedic (, Savvy Rest (,
and Lifekind ( are some other options. Perhaps the most
expensive mattresses are made by Essentia (, a Canadian company with
stores and an online presence in the U.S. Their products are outrageously
expensive, but these mattresses are made of natural memory foam (made without
any chemicals), which is promoted as being softer than latex.


Again, I am not sponsored, paid or compensated in any way by any of the brand names or companies I have
mentioned here. I just believe it’s worthwhile to invest in all-natural,
chemical-free bedding for the health of you and your family.

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