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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Feb. 19, 2013|551 views
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The electromagnetic spectrum is the term we use to describe
the range of all frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. On the low-energy
side of the spectrum are things like radio waves. At the opposite end are
things like X-rays and gamma radiation. In between are microwaves, infrared,
visible light, and ultraviolet light.


Infrared is invisible to us, although we can usually feel it as heat. To a creature like a
snake, which can “see” in infrared, we glow with this wavelength of energy. If
you could “see” more of the electromagnetic spectrum, like a pit viper, you’d
realize that we all emit our own electromagnetic fields.


As the term implies, what we think of as magnetism is just another manifestation of this
spectrum. A second thing you need to know to understand electrosensitivity has
to do with the electromagnetic frequency of the earth itself. Like living
creatures, our planet has it’s own frequency of background radiation. In the
early 1950s, physicist Winfried Otto Schumann predicted, and calculated, the
existence of resonances within the earth’s atmosphere that result from
interactions between lightning energy and the ionosphere that envelopes the
planet. To make a long story short, this resonance can be measured at the
extremely low frequency of 7.8 Hz. 


Tomorrow I’ll talk about new discoveries that lend credence to the theory that by embracing
technology so enthusiastically, we may have created new threats to our health.



Heckman S.J., Williams B. Boldi B. Total global lightning inferred from Schumann
resonance measurements. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres

Volume 103, Issue D24, pages 31775–31779,
January 1998

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