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The Downside of Technology?

Feb. 21, 2013|674 views
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This week I’ve been talking about a little-known problem that’s quietly gaining some attention: electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The question is this: Is modern electromagnetic pollution—especially radio-frequency microwave radiation, from sources ranging from cell phone towers and high-tension power lines, to everyday objects like portable phones—creating an atmosphere of unnatural electromagnetic frequencies? Well, that part is a given. It’s a fact that the natural background resonance frequency of the earth is altered in our modern environments.


From home wi-fi networks to cordless phone transceivers, our homes and workplaces are bathed in invisible electromagnetic fields of widely varying intensities. The energy of some of these frequencies far exceeds the natural background frequency of the planet. The second part of the question—do these manmade fields create health problems?—remains a hot topic of debate. The subject is still largely on the fringe of medical inquiry. But that’s also where you find the cutting edge, so I’m intrigued by this issue.


Some scientists believe that these relatively new, widespread higher-energy fields are affecting humans and animals in ways we’re only beginning to realize. Some humans appear to be oddly sensitive to these manmade energy fields, for instance, attributing a variety of alarming health problems to them. Others worry that these energy fields may be affecting animals as well. Tomorrow I’ll discuss the theory that electromagnetic pollution is linked to colony collapse disorder among honey bees.


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