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Did you know that iodine is an essential mineral?

If you have rarely heard the term iodine or are unfamiliar with it, you are not alone. Many years ago Iodine was used in the medical treatment of many conditions.

In the 1920 the government became concerned with the many cases of goiter developed in the Midwest of the United States that made researchers link lack of Iodine consumption to goiter and immediately Iodine was added to salt, flours and breads in order to prevent deficiencies.

However, as it happens with many wonderful natural remedies iodine felt off the radar of most doctors, I believe that part of it is because it is so inexpensive yet effective to treat multiple conditions.

Something else that made the Iodine subject almost a taboo in the medical community was a study conducted in 1948 by two scientist Wolff & Chaickoff who documented some scary data regarding the use of Iodine.

Wolff & Chaickoff’s preliminary research stated that when high levels of Iodine are found in the blood plasma an inhibition of the thyroid gland occurred. Wolff & Chaickoff were concerned that it could lead to permanent hypothyroidism that they called this the Wolff & Chaickoff Syndrome which the medical literature is filled with. Scary, right? Well, just keep reading.

In 1949 the same scientist Wolff & Chaickoff wanted to repeat the study which was done with rats and made it more extensive. This time they were able to document that the maximum duration of the inhibitory effect of Iodine on the thyroid gland had a maximum effect of 48 to 50 hours and in some rare cases 7 to 10 days but it was never permanent.

In most cases, within 2 days and escape and adaptation of Iodine occurs and normal hormone biosynthesis resumes. So yes there was an inhibition of the thyroid gland but it was not permanent just temporary. Despite this secondary study, all medical literature got documented with the first 1948 preliminary study and what know we call IODOPHOBIA appear in the medical community even though it had no scientific bases.

Needless to say that the 1948 study was never duplicated because now the 1949 study had documented that the inhibition of the gland had a maximum of 10 days effect and in average it was balanced within 50 hours. However, the Wolff & Chaickoff Syndrome was too popular and it benefit those that make money if you are sick so the new updated study although published and available (to this day) simply was not popular and most doctors, including your endocrinologist simply have never heard of it.

Why is Iodine so important?

In order for the body to make thyroid hormone we need to have Iodine in our bodies T-4 is made with 1 molecule of an amino acid called tyrosine and 4 molecules of iodine. Without Iodine our bodies simply cannot make T-4 and in order to make T-3 Triiodothyronine, the active metabolic hormone our body still needs IODINE.

That's not all!

For many years we have been talking about iodine and its uses for the thyroid gland because the average physician believed, and still believes that iodine is only used for the thyroid but that is not the case. How do we know that?

How Iodine Gets Into The Body?

In order for the body to use Iodine it first needs to pass from the blood stream into the specific tissues. To achieve that our bodies uses a transport mechanism called the Sodium Iodine Symporter (NIS).

This NIS is a membrane bound glycoprotein that transports iodine into the follicular cells of the thyroid. The Sodium Iodine Symporter was thought to only be part of the thyroid gland but know we know that we have NIS in the pancreas, liver, gastric mucosa of the small and large intestines, salivary glands, skin, mammary glands, breast tissue and many other organs.

How much Iodine do I need?

Because the data that proves that we need iodine for the whole body is new (about 20 years) the government, to this day has not provided an RDA for full body IODINE is the believe is that the only purpose for iodine is to prevent goiter and help the thyroid gland. In order to just prevent goiter the amount stablished were 150 mcg per day that didn't account for all the other tissues of the body that need iodine to stay healthy.

If we take Japan as an example of a country with the lowest cases of thyroid disease, breast cancer and were people over all are healthier, their iodine intake from the daily consume of sea water plants and algae is 100 higher than what we consume in the USA.

Do you need to supplement with Iodine?

No, you do not need to supplement with Iodine if you consume algae foods daily as the Japanese do, if you do not have a taste for those food which are the only true source of iodine you may want to consider supplementation.

Why This Iodine?

Because unlike other iodine's in the market the Elemental Nascent Iodine by Dr. March is the only Iodine that is atomically charged with a unique stability method. Dr. March’s Elemental Iodine is so effective that a little bit goes a long way.

How to use it

Start with 3 drops first thing in the morning mixed with a little bit of water. You can increase the dose slowly by 1 drop per week until your body starts feeling great.

Because Iodine is a natural detoxifier some normal symptoms when you start using it are headaches, acne, (the skin is your larger body organ), fatigue, metallic taste in the mouth, sneezing, laryngitis, bronchitis.

This symptoms go away as your body is able to get rid of toxic elements such as fluoride, chloride and bromide all toxic and abundant in most people’s bodies due to water fluoridation and chlorination (your body absorbs chloride and bromide via lungs and skin specially when taking showers).

Bromide is another very toxic elemental that the body accumulates and flashes out when iodine is available. Where do you get bromide from?

  • Pesticides (methyl bromide)
  • Plastics
  • Bromated flour also called “Enriched Flour”
  • Brominated vegetables
  • Brominated vegetable oil in citrus sodas and sports drinks
  • Asthma inhalers
  • New furniture, carpeting, bedding, cars
  • Flame retardants especially in children's clothing and mattresses
  • Hair permanents and coloring
  • Hot tub and swimming pool treatments
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